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Welcome to my site! My name is Maria and I am a psychic spiritual channel and medium. I offer friendly, professional spiritually  channeled readings by email, chat, or phone.

Maria Catherine Zanotto was born October 18, 1963 to John and Sharron Zanotto in Los Angeles California, and became the oldest of two daughters.

At the very young age of five I was already seeing and talking with dead people. They provided me with a certain amount of comfort from other events in my life at that time, the drama and emotional upset of our parents divorcing.

After seven years of abuse and the local drug culture, at 13 I entered into a new spiritual phase of my life and was able to once again see and hear dead people, those who had “transitioned”.

Currently I am in the process of using my talents to help others by communicating with their loved ones who have passed on, and to offer physical and spiritual healing to those less fortunate and in need.

In the summer of 2005, I learned that I am also able to communicate with the Archangels. It is these light beings that allow me to help and heal the most people by “channeling” directly through me to others. It is this service and healing on many levels that my guides and I offer to the public, or for private session.

I do perform all readings personally. While I believe some individuals are pre-destined, I also very much beleive in free will. If you'd like to obtain a reading, please email me from this site to schedule an appointment.

Email me to request spiritual channelings and readings, dream interpretations, and to schedule live phone and chat sessions.
Find out about past lives, future loves, career and family.

Why are you here?

We all have heard that everything happnes for a reason, whether a book falls off a shelf onto our head at a bookstore, or we happen to meet a life partner at the supermarket. Everyone we meet has a lesson to teach us or lives by an example for us to learn from.
I feel my gift is for the world and so I am here for those who would seek answers.

Please feel free to contact me about how spiritually channeled  readings work, how to select the best channel, how to learn about your own abilities to become a spiritual channel, how to prepare for a reading, and more...

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